Happy to have you, SARCOR LLC!

A new market-transforming trend is taking place in America, and Birmingham seems to be following suit!  Over the past six years, hundreds of diverse American companies have moved or invested in walkable downtowns, and SARCOR LLC is one of those.
Two years ago, President Selena Rodgers-Dickerson was in search for a permanent headquarters for SARCOR, LLC. And after months of consulting with other agencies and doing her own personal research, she landed in the hands of REV’s real estate, business growth and special projects teams.

Having leased downtown office space since 2011, Dickerson recognized the importance of growing the company and transitioning to property ownership while maintaining a presence within Birmingham City Center limits. After connecting with Selena in 2014 via the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, REV spent the next two years helping her make banking connections for financing, assisting with acquisition, and providing guidance in identifying key properties and contract negotiations. More importantly, Dickerson received valuable counsel on the steps toward property ownership and becoming a successful landlord.

“I believed early on that I could own. [For a year] I did my own research, looking at the growth spread of the city to determine where I could get the most value for my dollar.” said Dickerson, “I know the decisions that I made came from speaking with REV on a regular basis. Having this team involved in my decision-making process was like having a personal advisory board. We wouldn’t have been able to come to our decision without that level of guidance.”

We’re excited to report that Dickerson has completed the purchase of property for SARCOR LLC’s new headquarters, and she’s now ready to lease!

“The Installation at Uptown” is located in the Uptown District on 12th Ave. North and consists of a 16,743 square foot building and land totaling 2 acres.  SARCOR will bring 10 employees to the property and occupy two levels. The first floor will be reserved for other tenants.

Spaces are now available ranging from 150 to 7,000 square feet, at $14 per square foot. Amenities includes ample parking, easy access to I-20/59 and the Red Mountain Expressway, and the property is within walking distance to restaurants, hotels and civic events at Uptown.  Prospective tenants may contact Emily Bird at Corporate Realty at

We love seeing a vacant space filled and seeing SARCOR grow!

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